About Us

Melody club
is the evolution of Aphrodite’s Vision (Greece) and Aphrodite’s Melody (France) in the field of Hi End Audio distribution. With an unparralled experience of over 25 years in the Hi End Audio field our team provides custom made solutions for your music reproduction needs.

Technology evolves and being in touch with the worldwide Hi End Audio We represent and distribute some of the most prestigious Hi End Audio brands including: Nagra electronics (Switzerland), YG Acoustics, speakers (USA), Dartzeel electronics (Switzerland), Thales analog Systems (Switzerland), Thorens analog (Germany), Spectral Audio electronics (USA), Totem speakers (Canada), German Physics speakers (Germany), Brinkmann analog& electronics (Germany), EMT catridges (Switzerland), Roksan Electronics (UK), Sugden electronics (UK), Falcon Acoustics speakers (UK), Sonoma headphones (UK),Artesania racks (Spain), Tara Labs Cables (USA), Ansuz Cables & Electronics (Denmark), Simply Analog, accessories (Greece), Elli Acoustics, acoustic treatment products (Spain). 

"Music restitution” rather than “Music reproduction” defines in a few words our approach towards achieving our objective, namely the perfect harmony between the sound system, realism and musicality without aural fatigue. We consider ourselves kraftmans in the art of system design for your individual needs, matching and setting up your system for maximum fidelity. You can hear the products we distribute in our new state of the art Athens showroom, in relaxed atmosphere with great music of your choice.

Music is an antidote for our stressful lives. Hear music at its best at Melody Club!