Brinkmann Voltaire ISS at Munich Hi End!


Voltaire ISS Integrated Amplifier: An entirely new design, our ultra-performance Integrated Sound System (ISS) offers versatility never before embodied in a state-of-the-art component. Voltaire can accommodate either an MQA compatible and Roon Ready streaming-DAC module derived from our Nyquist Mk II or a simplified version of our Edison Mk II Phono Preamplifier, making it a complete audio system: just add speakers! 120,000 microfarads of power supply capacitance and a custom-made transformer capable of 1500 watts peak power mean that Voltaire not only matches our Mono’s 150 watts into 8 Ohms and 250 Watts into 4 Ohms, its higher-current design delivers 300 watts into 2 Ohms! Like our Marconi Mk II Line Preamplifier, Voltaire’s hybrid circuitry utilizes vacuum tube phase inverters for superior voltage tracking while 105 micron-thick copper circuit board traces and zero global negative feedback demonstrate Brinkmann’s uncompromising design ethos.
Shipping Q4, 2019 MSRP tba


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