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In the history of electroacoustic, the hi-end business with hundred years of development. Thorens was originally founded in Switzerland in 1883 and so far has more than 130 years of history. The Founder, Mr. Hermann Thorens, is working on music box business at the beginning and insists on making production through hand-made production, and the music box can be said to be the earliest replay of music in that era. As times evolve, thorens launches the cylinder. Gramophone, Horn Gramophone, professional used vinyl engraved machine, etc. As early as 1929, the 1929-Year-old, Thorens-Patented Straight-up jukebox motor came out, marking the turntables into the electrical era. And the high quality turntables TD 124 (first double structure turntable) published in 1957 officially brought the black glue turntables into the high end sound field, thus became a representative of the auburn into the family and opened the TD product The shining mileage of the series. In 1964, thorens used unique floating hoisting (Floating () Technology to produce TD 150, making the replay effect of the turntables a great boost. In the same year, in order to gain greater development space, thorens will ste the factory from small town. Croix San section moved to de of, Germany, and thus could be more exhibition in production operations. In 1966 THORENS LAUNCHED TD 125 with electronic control rpm, plus them on belt drive technology The leading position to make them the most concerned sound brand at the time. By 1975, thorens had produced 500 million vinyl turntables, so that the amount of production and sales was simply incredible.

The following is a thorens flagship turntables try test report published on the website, which we will focus on in Chinese for readers who like to play black glue.

” can a top turntables help you change attitude to recording music? The answer is almost for sure. I only have medium fax degrees for my life, commenting on thorens td550 to lift the sound ears of my inner world and to hear how much it can be…… when to discuss the may name of Brinkmann, Garrard, verdier, smm etc, td550 Should be listed. Of course, td550 works with the same competent auxiliary component to help best performance. With ortofon as-309 s 12-Inch singing arm and highly acclaimed EMT tsd15sfl move move, music replay is amazing, especially in the following areas:

Micro Feed: especially playing classical music, td550 / Ortofon / EMT mix that remarkable micro-dynamic display is deeply attracted to me. Like live shows, dynamic nuances are super-delicate and super sensitive. For example, dgg recording Rafael Kubelik led orchester des bayerischen rundfunks to play Mahler’s seventh symphony at the beginning of the 3th symphony of the ma (3th side) almost reach, very loud and warm. It’s just for you to stop and listen…… using this standard of turntables, it’s hard to quantify the replay experience of speed, color and cóng róng zì ruò. Music is completely free to cotton, static, start and flow, and be loyal to recording facts……

Low Frequency Response: td550 accurately plays the bass note of each lp on heavy turntable. As with any great height fax sound component, td550 has never highlighted a certain part of the spectrum, so the bass has never washed my face and never lacks any degree of sense of music, just loyal to recording live!…..

Natural: Td550 reveals the real sound features of every recording. ….. td550 doesn’t modify the sound, just expose everything. The wonderful recording itself shows, thorens disappeared and released the note with humility and faithfully, never reveal its consistent voice……

Hoverboard design and td550’s carbon fiber singing arm board :” ideal suspension chassis should be without any resonance, hard and no quality. This is because every referred oscillation will always produce the opposite of the opposite, especially to offset the bass frequency and compress the dynamic. If the suspension chassis and the singing arm are truly completely out of quality, the focus of the whole system will be on the same level as the turntables axis. However, because there is no quality in the sound arm, the hoisting chassis must be as light as possible and very hard. This is the reason why we finally decided to use carbon fiber because the suspension chassis made with this material is lighter, harder and less easy to up than wood, steel steel or aluminium.

Motor control circuit :” eight transistors generate strong and stable motor torque energy and provide constant rpm at any time. In the first four seconds, the turntable was activated at half of the speed, thus ensuring that the express speed was accelerated to the rated speed, same at 45 / minutes and no need to start heavy turntable with hand-to-hand The back plate is with two electric spaces, which can be spinner for each speed. After 15 months of long-time tests indicate that its rpm is still 100 % accurate.

Td550 uses square instead of circular belt. Using a square belt can prevent the belt from movement on the edge of the turntable. In the test, we found that the square belt was better than the circle with a more superior. (wow and flutter), even if the turntable had a small slot to guide the round belt.

Bearing Lubricant is a mixture of a different ingredient, which is the evolution of the calendar test and measurement proof.

Drama meat
We have introduced features and designs. Now let’s return to the sound. As previously mentioned, the thorens / Ortofon / EMT mix did shock me, changed my mood, cleaned up the air, maybe whenever I started its gorgeous machine, even my dna was replaced! Let me make it as specific as possible. I can even talk about the sound field, the treble with the bass extension and transparency!…..

TD 550 turntables is easily recommended, highly respected and very perfect. It totally hits me!

….. if i have this cash investment turntables, thorens td550 will be the goal I preferred to try. I will even buy it without hesitation!….. Thorens td550 is the top high-level high music replay system. So got my second blue moon award (Blue Moon Award).”

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